Why do a Criminal Records Search?

This information is critical in identifying individuals with violent or dishonest histories. This report includes the date, court location, name, physical description of offense and file/case number. We search court records in the jurisdiction of residence and employment for the past seven years. We are able to search at the county, statewide and federal level. To assure the most accurate information, acutal court records, not tape or disc databases are searched. More detailed information that dates back beyond 7 years is available on request.

Comprehensive Criminal Records Search (FDLE)

This is the most comprehensive search available. It will reveal every felony and misdemeanor infraction on court records. This report includes pertinent information such as arrest date, case number, and court judgment and penalization. This information for the state of Florida from 1967 to present. The statewide criminal records search is available in most states. Pricing for other states is available on request.

Statewide Felony Criminal Records Search

This search reveals when a person has been convicted of a felony crime. This record is available in most states.

Sexual Predator / Sexual Offender Search

This search highlights convicted registered sexual predators and offenders. Florida alone exceeds 15,000 sexual criminals. It is also available in most states.

Nationwide Criminal Records Search

This report will provide Felony convictions in 39 states. Each state has their own database and infomation released may vary.

County Criminal Records Search

This search is significantly more thorough. If it is a concern about a particular county with in which an applicant has lived in for a number of years, this approach would be the way to go. This search is available for most counties. Price quote is available upon request.

Moving Violations Records (MVR)

State motor vehicle reports provide a record of all moving violations and driving related offenses committed for the past three to seven years depending upon the state. They also include such personal data as full name, date of birth, address at the time the license was issued or renewed, date of issue and date of expiration, physical description, type of license, previous license number and restriction on use. Some states indicate whether another license was surrendered at the time of application. Most states record any infraction involving drugs, or alcohol, as a permanent item in a drivers motor vehicle record. Most states are available please call for a price quote.

Eviction Records Search

We sourch over 650,000 evictions in the past five years for a match with your prospective tenant. This file includes original complaints, possession and eviction judgments, plus dismissed complaints and satisfied evictions.


The Fingerprint Identification Records System (FIRS) maintains identification and criminal history record information on individuals fingerprinted as a result of law enforcement action, federal employment or military service, and a limited number of persons fingerprinted for alien registration and naturalization purposes, and those desiring to have their fingerprints on record for personal identification purposes. FIRS serves as the Nation's centralized repository for identification and criminal history record information functions for criminal justice agencies, authorized noncriminal justice agencies and other authorized entities.

The purpose for maintaining FIRS is to perform identification and criminal history record information functions and maintain resultant records for federal, state, local, tribal, and foreign criminal justice agencies, as well as for authorized noncriminal justice agencies, and other entities where authorized by federal statute. In addition, identification assistance is provided in disasters and for other humanitarian purposes.

Must have a police fingerprint card and contact our office to recieve an authorization form for the subject to fill out.

Workers Compensation Claims

Let us inform you on the integrity of your potential employee, before your company fall's victim to a workers compensation claim. Using our services will enable you to better portect your company's assets. Workers Compensations may include the following: Date of accident, case number, status of claim, description of accident including body part injured, employers name at the time of accident and time lost. Some reports include compensation and disability amounts. Most states are available please call for a price quote.

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